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Just note the option 66 is the standard DHCP option dedicated to IP of TFTP server only. I'm unsure all models have non-standard extension of it allowing you to specify text URL instead of four-byte IP address only. You should consider to use option 160 instead. It is option dedicated by Cisco for full URL text value.

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Cisco 500 Series Stackable Managed Switch Administration Guide 3 1 STEP 3 If this is the first time that you logged on with the default user ID (cisco) and the default password (cisco) or your password has expired, the Change Password Page opens. See Password Expiration for additional information.

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DHCP options - These can be used to provide additional information to clients, as desired by the administrator. Choose Add a DHCP option to bring up additional fields. Several typical options are available in the Option field, or custom codes can be used for additional options. **Module:**DHCP server. Hello. I need both options 66 and 150 for Asterisk an Cisco IP phones (with Cisco protocoll sccp) please no discussions abaut sip on cisco phones i spend a lot of tme by my phones restarts in cylces of 3 minits. so i will try sccp. I am understanding that the configuration of DNS DHCP and TFTP ist in

If it does, the simplest thing would be to have the Cisco devices forward DHCP requests directly to the Bare Metal Server, and remove options 43, 60, 66, and 67 from the Cisco entirely. The Cisco would then only provide IP/route/DNS information, and also forward the request to the OSD server. Jan 07, 2018 · I use Pi-hole on my rpi3 to serve DHCP for multiple networks. I have these networks: MGMT - vlan 1 - LAN - vlan 10 - GUEST - vlan 20 - DMZ - vlan 30 - DNS - vlan 40 - (this is where Pi-hole is) I have a DHCP relay agent on my router which forwards DHCP requests from VLANs 1, 10, 20, and 30 over to the Pi-hole in VLAN40 ...